We are a member of DOGS NSW, which means we follow a strict code of ethics regarding the breeding of Golden Retrievers. 

This includes restricted breeding, conditions of which animals are kept and socialised, and mandatory testing undertaken before breeding such as:

* Annual eye tests conducted by a qualified Veterinary Ophthalmologist

* Hip & Elbow X-Rays scored by specialists under the Canine Hip & elbow dysplasia scheme (CHEDS)

* Heart auscultation conducted by a qualified Veterinary Cardiologist

* DNA screening for breed specific issues.

If you feel you can provide our puppies with a loving and forever home contact Kelly or Sam:

Please fill in our puppy questionnaire


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between breeders?

It is important to only buy from a reputable breeder that is a member of DOGS NSW, the NSW body of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). Some breeders that you may come across on online platforms, do not undertake the required hereditary testing necessary for the breed, and therefore, their puppies are at greater risk of developing the predisposed issues for Golden Retrievers. DOGS NSW members also follow a strict code of ethics for breeding and housing of animals. Buying from an DOGS NSW/ANKC member means you haven't contributed to puppy farms.


What is a pedigree?

A pedigree is a dog birth certificate. Your new puppy will come home with a 5-generation pedigree issued by the controlling body of pedigrees in Australia (DOGS NSW/ANKC).


Why do I have to fill in a questionnaire?

In the hope to get to know you better we ask you a few questions, this also assess your suitability for one of our puppies (in the hope of finding forever homes).


What is the difference between a boy and girl Golden Retriever?

Please talk to us about which one is better suited to you.


Why can’t I pick my own puppy?

We ask you, about you and your lifestyle, and meet with you in order to get to know you more. With this information, and the ability to understand the puppy’s personalities (as we have watched them develop over the past 8 weeks) we match the two together with the aim of the perfect fit.


Can I breed with a Golden Retriever I buy from you?

No. Our puppies are sold on the limited register with DOGS NSW as family pets.


When should I desex my puppy?

Males - >18 months

Females - >12 months


What age can I pick up my puppy?

8 weeks.

And finally, when will my Golden Retriever stop digging?

They will dig holes their entire lives.




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